The importance of colour

The importance of colour

The importance of colour

Colour forms one of the most important decisions we make when it comes to home improvements, particularly the exterior. We have to take into consideration whether the chosen colour matches the style and features of the property. Is it going to look good all year round? Will continue to look timeless and on trend?
These are just a few questions customers ask themselves when making important home improvement decisions. However, there is great significance around a person’s choice of colour and psychological meaning behind our favourite shades. So what does your colour selection indicate and how can we introduce this to home improvements?


Black has become one of the ‘go to’ colours, becoming immensely popular in recent years. Ideal Home research showed black front doors, in particular, ranked 4th on their list of most popular colours. Black is associated with power, strength and authority so it is no surprise that famous black doors include 10 Downing Street and Westminster Abbey – buildings that exuberate authority and power.
Black is not only limited to front doors. Opting for black windows has also become a trend that offers a sophisticated, contemporary feel to a property. Add a modern twist to your home with numerous options in this colour by selecting black woodgrain windows or a black aluminium conservatory.

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